Black Space Riders – Refugeeum

PromoImage (2) Making a follow up to a critically acclaimed record for any band is a challenge because the question comes into play if the band has lost their touch or if they’ve run out of any good material or inspiration for new material. But in the case of Black Space Riders and their upcoming fourth release, “Refugeeum”, it is clear that this band has still got their touch since their last album which was apparently really good. This album, though, is something that I could never see coming.

“Refugeeum” was a 9-track experience that I will not soon forget with there being a great collection of uplifting riffs and sounds that are produced that just sounded so good. That does not mean that the theme of the album is positive. This album goes into the deep sorrows of mankind like the loss of home, hunter and hunted, victim and perpetrator, and rejection. But along with those comes acceptance, finding the will to survive, and the hope for what may come in the future. Thought provoking topics to say in the very least. Black Space Riders truly make you think and that’s one of the beauties of “Refugeeum” – it makes you think in a way in just a simple way that it’s almost addicting with how it’s performed and portrayed. It doesn’t require too much thought, so if you’re not liking the idea of really studying the lyrics, learning their cryptic meanings, and doing a whole bunch of other shit then no need to worry because you won’t have to do any of that with this album.

Black Space Riders are no strangers to taking their music from slow to a more moderate pace while keeping the riffs amazing all the while. The guitars do such an amazing job at giving all of “Refugeeum” this haunting, mysterious atmosphere that really makes you feels like you’re literally out of this world. The echoing drums have one of the most ear pleasing sounds that I’ve ever heard with their melodic beats persisting throughout the whole album and bringing much more form to “Refugeeum” than you’d expect from a psychedelic album. Then the vocals go from having a really sorrow filled toned singing to something that I can’t say is intense but it is definitely more higher paced which gives a really nice sound over the rest of the instruments that were played masterfully.

This album is one of those innovative psychedelic albums that make you truly appreciate the style of music because they make you see things a whole different way, and that’s just what “Refugeeum” is. It breaks down all the signature aspects of psychedelic metal/rock and pumps all of them up 1000% and makes the music so catchy with the awesome riffs, beats, and vocals that are just strewn all over this album. “Refugeeum” is a work that will definitely be topping the vast majority of psychedelic pieces that will come out later in the year, and it is a very difficult album to top simply just because of how well done everything is. Black Space Riders have created a work that will be loved over, and over, and over again until we hear the riffs in our sleep and love them the whole while when the album comes out July 24th!


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