Skinless – Only the Ruthless Remain

PromoImage (43) I’ve honestly never even heard a lick of any Skinless song before hearing their new album “Only the Ruthless Remain” and I really wish that wasn’t the case because this album is fucking awesome! Right from the very beginning, this album was as raw as the cover art is and all seven tracks are the embodiment of old school death metal in modern form  with the album being absolutely littered with the brutal growls that are completely spot on to the point where my face was exactly that of the dying guy on the cover, but you know . . . in a good way. The complexity of the notes of the guitars alongside the immense beats of the destructive drums are so gruesomely well done that every single hardcore death metal fan out there in this world will have their ears and brains melt by the end of the first track because that’s how good “Only the Ruthless Remain” is. The entirety of this album is so fucking well rounded that it is without a doubt a shock from nowhere to someone like me who’d never heard Skinless before, and it’s a more than welcome surprise.

LISTEN to the single “Serpenticide” along with “Skinless” via Bandcamp here.

WATCH the official video for “Skinless” via YouTube below.

LIKE Skinless on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Skinless on Twitter : @SkinlessBand


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