Sojourner – Heritage of the Natural Realm (single)

a1769595134_10 I’m an absolute sucker for epic (or folk) metal and atmospheric black metal when they’re both done right, but I’ve never imagined how good they might sound if someone smashed them together into one song with both parts being done extremely well. That’s exactly what Sojourner’s debut single has done for me! A 9 and a half minute track with elements of atmospheric black metal along with epic metal elements like a flute worked amazingly well together and only because Sojourner knew exactly the kind of sound they wanted and they fucking knew exactly how to get that sound perfectly. The vocals in “Heritage of the Natural Realm” were exactly what you’d expect out of a black metal piece: raspy and intense, filled with anger and you not being able to understand a fucking word the guy is saying at on the first spin. Everything else like the guitars, the drums, the flute, etc. were done so well that they molded seamlessly together into one track that I just cannot stop being amazed over because this single is as good a debut as any I’ve heard and it only means good things for a debut EP or full length. If this is scratching the surface of Sojourner’s yet unnamed upcoming album then I will throw all the money at my computer because I’ve no doubt in my heart that it will be an infinitely awesome album. I highly suggest this single to any black metal fans, epic metal fans, and just fans of all metal because this song is something that deserves to be heard all over.


LISTEN to “Heritage of the Natural Realm” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sojourner on Facebook here.


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