Six Feet Under – Crypt of the Devil

11053428_10152812895442496_7533109279558455885_n When I think Six Feet Under, I think death metal. And when I think death metal, I think of a lot of other bands along with Six Feet Under. They’re not my favorite death metal band out there that I’ve heard, but they’re definitely up there because Six Feet Under is all about the raw, unadulterated brutality that I can only compare to Cannibal Corpse for easy comparison. Just by looking at the track listing for “Crypt of the Devil” I knew that this was going to be an intense album that wasn’t going to hold anything back and try to make your ears bleed, and that is exactly what happened . . . apart from my ears bleeding. Each and every song is an absolutely vicious assault on the ears, and sounding awesome while doing it in such a way that Six Feet Under will instantly capture the ears of any death metal fans who just want straight brutality out of their music. And “Crypt of the Devil” has more than enough brutality to go around for fucking everybody from the vicious vocals, the monstrous guitars, and the melodic boom of the drums. While I cannot say that I think this is one of the best death metal albums I’ve heard, it is definitely up there for me because this album has got plenty that most “casual” listeners of the genre need: brutality, dark themes, relentlessness, and brutality. “Crypt of the Devil” will not disappoint fans as it will literally tear you a new asshole and leave you to bleed out as they continue on with their intense death metal that won’t soon leave your ears.


LISTEN to “Crypt of the Devil” on Spotify here.

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