Aeveron – VVD Destination Annihilation

Cover-Artwork If someone were to have asked me yesterday “what is your favorite piece of melodic black metal”, my only honest response would’ve been Satyricon’s famous song “K.I.N.G.” and that’s really it. I’ve not had much exposure to melodic black metal, but Aeveron has given me my first melodic black metal album and I can say in the very least that I am more than satisfied. “VVD Destination Annihilation” is an awesome 10-track album that blew my fucking mind because I’ve heard more than my fair share of black metal, and hearing it in a very melodic form sounded like absolute heaven to me. Aeveron really hit the nail on the goddamn head with this album. The vocals in this went from being the raw, raspy sound that us black metal fans know all too well to a more smoother sound that really brought the melody while still being perfectly in tune with the ripping guitars and bashing drums. And even though I’ve no idea in the slightest what the “VVD” means in the title, but the “Destination Annihilation” part is literally shown in 9 out of the 10 tracks off of the album and they do not disappoint in the slightest. What’s the leftover one track, you ask? An instrumental track that’s purely guitar, bringing a much more different tone – a peaceful one – that brought a whole new dimension that Aeveron didn’t show before that in the album. But after those 2 minutes are up and done, it’s straight back to the melodic black metal to which I had zero complaints. “VVD Destination Annihilation” is a great album that should be heard by fans of melodic metal, black metal, and/or both because this album does not disappoint with it’s crushing yet catchy sound.


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