Cattle Decapitation – Manufactured Extinct (single)

22594_10153288684259886_1876037733424602330_n I have only ever heard of Cattle Decapitation until today. I’ve never heard any of their music and figured that their newest single “Manufactured Extinct” from their upcoming album “The Anthropocene Extinct” was as good as any place to start, and holy shit was I not disappointed! Right from the first sight of the cover art I felt like this was going to be a brutal single and Cattle Decapitation brought the brutality in every single way. The intense death metal riffs alongside the guttural, versatile vocals that have 3 different sounds throughout this single alone: your expected death metal vocals, a more shrill and high pitched sound, and then something that reminded me of a lot of vocals that I hear in grind metal commonly. All three of those styles work marvelously so don’t think I’m bashing or hating on any of them. The theme of “Manufactured Extinct” is also quite simple yet good and can be easily seen just by the looking at the cover art close enough. It tells of the fall of humanity’s reign and how disgusting and horrific our time has made the once “pristine” Earth. Everything was done extremely well out of this single which only bodes good news for the whole album which will even feature the famous vocalist of Pantera, Phil Anselmo! So there’s so far nothing that I’m not excited about for “The Anthropocene Extinction” and you can bet your ass that I will happily listen to it front to back when it drops August 7th.


LISTEN to “Manufactured Extint” via YouTube below.

PRE-ORDER “The Anthropocene Extinction” via iTunes here.

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