Kanseil – Doin Earde

a0515043606_10 Some people get very agitated when they cannot understand the words to a song that they really like because it’s in another language, and it this instance that language is what I assume to be Italian as Kanseil is an Italian folk metal band. But for me it does not matter what language the vocals are speaking in because I most likely won’t understand on my first spin of the track and I rely all upon how well it suits the rest of the band, and “Doin Earde” shows an amazing example of that being pulled off phenomenally. The additions of the common flute and even what was a set of bagpipes makes this album the awesome folk metal that it is because they added this great calming feel to “Doin Earde” in some places, and added a sense of mysticism to the metal that always has a unique sound to it. The total length of the album is just on the cusp of one hour with 11 tracks so that means plenty of well done folk metal to go around without either track being too short or too long. Kanseil had the best lengths for all their songs to ensure they achieved maximum awesomeness. Folk metal has in recent years become boring in too many cases and sometimes don’t have enough folk and are usually borderline black metal with the vocals being the same, but Kanseil breathe new, fresh life into the genre with “Doin Earde” that should not be missed by any true folk metal fans. This is an album that you will not regret hearing.


LISTEN to “Doin Earde” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Kanseil on Twitter : @KanseilOfficial

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