Secrets of the Sky – Pathway

secretsofthesky-pathways-620x620 The last time an album with doom elements truly had me glued to the seat in awe and shock was Inter Arma’s “The Cavern”, and now “Pathway” from atmospheric doom metal act Secrets of the Sky have done that same exact thing for me. I’ve never thought that atmospheric doom metal would be like, but this worked so fucking well that it blew my mind to bits only for me to reassemble them and have them blown apart again! This album is without a fucking doubt the best doom metal album of 2015 so far and is tied for my favorite doom metal album ever! “Pathway” has an amazing feel to it with almost every other track just bringing in atmospheric pieces of either just footsteps through a cave, the sound of water dripping and echoing, or some savage beast’s guttural growls of rage. And then after at most a minute of that would come intense doom metal with deep vocals that absolutely tear up your ear drums without remorse and are backed up by the heavy ass guitars with a rhythm from the killer drums that make a murderous combination. Sometimes it’d get calmer with everything slowing down (even more!) and becoming peaceful before blasting back into the marvelous heavy doom metal. “Pathway” is without a doubt in my fucking mind one of the best albums of all genres, not just doom metal, of 2015 and will get that reaction from many more people instead of just me. This album should not be missed as it is one of the best helpings of doom metal that you will ever get for the rest of the year.


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