Avi Rosenfeld – In the Sky

a3101838567_10 I’ve never been real huge into classic rock since I think some of it is pretty dragged out and a tad bland to me, and I honestly had a bad feeling that Avi Rosenfeld’s newest album “In the Sky” was going to be that way. Now before I go anywhere let me just say that I was wrong in that feeling, but I’m not in love with the album. To me, “In the Sky” is something that I’d listen to every now and then, you know? It’s something that someone like me couldn’t put on the daily playlist and listen to it any time of day. All the tracks off of this are very laid back and have a nice beat to them which would make them pretty good for a calm drive through the country or wherever you people fucking drive on the weekends. “In the Sky” is, like I said, very calm and hearkens back to the old days of classic rock where everything was chill and the feels were generally positive while still keeping the music emotional and full of meaning. And, like I said again, even though I probably won’t listen to “In the Sky” for a little while (bout 2 weeks maybe, I don’t know I don’t write that kind of shit down), but I honestly do highly recommend it if you want a chill classic rock album to get you in the groove in the morning, calm down and meditate for a little, or just to listen to something with a classic touch to it for shits and giggles.


LISTEN to “In the Sky” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Avi Rosenfeld on Facebook here.


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