Lamb of God – Still Echoes (single)

11102760_10153394244861435_1366279085489763772_nRandy Blythe doesn’t like the idea of sub-genres so I won’t even begin to attempt to label “Still Echoes” or Lamb of God as it is not exactly my field of expertise, but enough bullshit. As I’m sure many of you may know, Lamb of God have recently released a single, “Still Echoes”, to announce their upcoming album, “Sturm und Drang”. I haven’t had the pleasure to sit down and really listen to “Still Echoes” until just today and OH MY FUCKING GOD!! It kicks all the ass! Straight from the beginning this is an aggressively intense album that has a hook to it that is irresistible to people like me who love a good beat, and is especially mouth watering for any Lamb of God fan out who was hoping for an excellent song because “Still Echoes” has the whole nine yards to back it up. It’s got the intense vocals, guitars, and drums that are the stuff of dreams. It’s chorus is deep in meaning (not tear jerking deep) while still keeping the brutality present in every word and note. It’s got the riffs to make any metal lover keel over in love of the mastery of the guitars. “Still Echoes” has got it all, without a doubt, and if this is any sort of precursor as to what the whole of “Sturm und Drang” is going to be like (and of course it fucking is) then preps your anuses because Lamb of God has come back to fuck shit up and leave you an album that will not be brushed aside and not be soon forgotten so long as metal exists.


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LISTEN to/WATCH the official lyric video for “Still Echoes” via YouTube below.

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