Bhayanak Maut – Man

a1093259700_10 “Man” is the third and final installment of a trilogy depicting the life cycle of cancer itself, and emphasizing the fact that mankind is the absolute greatest cancer to have ever existed on this planet in its unrelenting destruction and violence that we’ve committed. Well, Bhayanak Maut has taken those two things and implemented them into this one album were that cancer is displayed in one of the most angry, destructive, and complex metal performances I’ve ever fucking seen. Every single one of the 17 tracks featured on “Man” contribute just a little to the album trilogy and helps complete the cycle, and it all ends up to be something that is unbelievable to say in the very least. Just the technicalities, the aggressiveness, and the darkness behind “Man” are what make this album great because it’s something that is so much more than anyone expected and has delivered in such a way that I don’t think even Bhayanak Maut themselves were prepared for what the final product was going to be. And if you’re wondering what the fuck is up with the cover art, then here is what the band has to say about that: “The cover art has captured that EXACT moment when innocence is lost. The moment when child becomes MAN. The viewer is looking at that moment on the album cover, not realizing that he/she will experience the same thing at the end of the album.” Pretty fucking awesome, huh? I think so. An excellent tie in with the theme of “Man” and is a spot on description of what the end of the album is like for the listener. “Man” is an album that has to be heard if you’re looking for something that you’ve never seen coming and you want to hit you like a fucking freight train, and that’s exactly what this album does.


LISTEN to “Man” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Bhayanak Maut on Facebook here.


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