Orbseven – .ismos.

a1952649333_10 It’s weird whenever I go to listen to the album and I try to listen to what the vocalist is saying, and I can barely even hear what he’s saying. I get that atmospheric black metal relies on the atmospheric element (shocker), but you know sometimes you can hear the vocals and they have a presence. But with Orbseven’s newest album, “.ismos.”, that’s taken to a completely different level and brings the vocals to the background so they provide an ambiance to the album along with the rhythmic guitars and drums that are a very good combo for this style of metal. There are interesting riffs and unique sounds that are produced throughout “.ismos.” that make it stick out just a little more than your every day run-of-the-mill atmospheric black metal album, giving a higher quality sound to this album. Orbseven are onto something that can only lead to a pinnacle of their very smooth sound that will ultimately sound amazing, and I will be there to say “called it”.


LISTEN to “.ismos.” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Orbseven on Facebook here.


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