Desolate Pathway – Valley of the King

a4290606048_10 Never once has it ever crossed my mind to imagine what would happened if you were to mix quality doom metal with very well done folk/epic metal, but Desolate Pathway’s debut “Valley of the King” shows exactly what that would sound like and it is epic to say in the absolute least! The slower pace of these doom guitars along with the epic metal theme of a great prince going on a long, perilous journey to reclaim his throne with each of the 8 tracks telling of the trials and the difficulties that he went through in order to reach his final goal which comes to full fruition in the final track, “Upon the Throne of Lights”. From a forest of mirrors, to a king of vultures, and into the shadow of the tormentor Desolate Pathway have a truly feel of high fantasy to all of their tracks with the doom metal elements bringing a darker tone and feel to the album that makes it what it is. The smooth, flowing vocals play a huge part in bringing out the mystical feeling of “Valley of the King” in such a way that I could not imagine from just looking at the cover art alone, which in itself is phenomenal. This epic journey of seeking one’s birth rite through a doom/epic metal format is something that has to be heard to believed, and even then it will be hard to believe simply because of how awesome and well done it is. If you’re a doom metal fan, you’ll get a kick out of “Valley of the King”. If you’re an epic metal fan, you’ll fall in love with the story of “Valley of the King”. If you’re a fan of both like myself, well then start throwing money at the screen because Desolate Pathway have got the shit you need right here and ready for all the action.


LISTEN to sample of all 8 tracks from “Valley of the King” via YouTube below.

LISTEN to “Valley of the King” on Bandcamp here.

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