Orpheus Blade – Wolf’s Cry

PromoImage (41) It’s always a rare occasion when I hear an album and cannot place any sort of genre by the third or fourth track, and yet the only thing I can call “Wolf’s Cry” by Orpheus Blade is just metal. This is called a progressive metal album, and I can see that in some areas, but the rest of this album is straight up simple metal in my mind and doesn’t truly stick itself to any one subgenre of metal. The sheer variety that is in “Wolf’s Cry” is shown very well with 2 tracks, including the first one, taking a break, slowing things down, making shit creepy, you know the drill. Then it’s right back to the metal immediately afterwards with two vocals, one being a dude the other being not a dude. I hope you can tell what I’m saying with that. Everything that Orpheus Blade does in this album is also very, very easy for any listener, metal head or nay, to digest really well without to much trouble, and this is one of those cases where simpler is sometimes better and in this special case it worked out phenomenally! The guitars and drums in this are just as amazing as the vocals are they are able to keep up a very solid tempo, keep the flow going, and really make you want to keep listening to the album. “Wolf’s Cry” is a smack out of the fucking ball park being amazingly well done down to the cover art, and I’ve no doubt that this is only the tip of the iceberg for this Israeli band if they’re given the proper amount of time and resources to create another album such as this one.

LISTEN to “Wolf’s Cry” on Bandcamp here.

WATCH the lyric video for “The Becoming” off of “Wolf’s Cry” via YouTube below.

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