Midnight Odyssey – Shards of Silver Fade

PromoImage The longest album I’ve ever heard in my entire life was only about an hour and ten minutes, and that was with over 13 tracks on that album at about 5 minutes a piece. But as if to show me that I don’t know shit the universe sent me Midnight Odyssey’s upcoming album “Shards of Silver Fade” which is a whopping, motherfucking 2 hours and 22 minutes long! Holy fuck! I sat there and just listened to the whole thing back to front to get the full experience of this literal mammoth of an album. The ambiance and atmosphere that’s in the first track (21 minutes) really sets the tone for the whole album and shows how slow it will be and how patient you’re going to have to be to realize the black metal portion of this atmospheric black metal album, and that portion does not disappoint in my eyes any way at all. It’s very fast paced and it blends really, really well with with ambiance that it is mixed with and that gives it a very nice, complex sound to it that I don’t hear all that often even with other atmospheric black metal bands. While overall you’d really have to devote time in order to get the full experience of “Shards of Silver Fade” it will not disappoint if you”re willing to take the time to hear it and know what it is like to truly be transported to a whole other universe and sensations that are told of in this album.

“Shards of Silver Fade” comes out on June 8th.

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