Trauma – Rapture and Wrath

Cover TRAUMA_Rapture And Wrath It’s always cool to know that a band separated back decades ago, back in the 80s in this case, but have once more gotten together to bring us some classic sounding metal that we don’t get a lot anymore because of the new wave genres and the diversity that we hear every single day. Trauma have come back with a classic power metal album that is something that fans of both classic metal and power metal should find extremely enjoyable, I sure fucking did, because “Rapture and Wrath” is the absolute best of both worlds smashed into one hour long album. Yeah. One hour. There’s only ten tracks on here and they’re all 4-7 minutes long which is awesome because Trauma really makes it work very well with the tracks not seeming way too long or too short and the melodies kept at a great pace that power metal fans everywhere should be able to soak up like a sponge. The traditional power metal vocals that are in “Rapture and Wrath” are all that you could ever ask for in an album like this and they really bring out the “power” from power metal. This is a more than good enough come back for Trauma and every single fan of classic metal along with power metal fans should be salivating over “Rapture and Wrath” simply because it’s a fantastic throwback album even though it’s not, and that makes it all the more better with its high quality tracks.

LISTEN to “Rapture and Wrath” on Spotify here.

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