Grimace – Rising

a1942240874_10 I still remember listening to Grimace’s first album, “Gates of Mind”, and being absolutely blown away at the excellent showcase of melodic metal that was that album, and now this Finnish band has returned with their brand new 3-track EP “Rising”. Before I go anywhere let me just say that in my personal opinion “Gates of Mind” was better in my eyes, but that doesn’t mean “Rising” lacked what Grimace’s debut did. All three tracks out of this EP still have that very nice and smooth melodic sound to them that was present in the previous album, but the vocals were ever so slightly different with the more raspy vocals remaining relatively the same but the softer vocals have a more refined sound that added a slightly new dimension to the overall feel of the songs that gave a little bit more variety to the tracks. The guitars had a great amount of complex rhythms to the point where you can practically hear the fingers flying across the fret board to get the notes they want to the perfection they achieved, and the drums keep up a phenomenal beat that had me tapping my foot without even realizing it until the third track was almost over. Overall this is a successful EP that shows the versatility that Grimace can have. Is it a vast amount of versatility? No, but any kind is the good kind as long as it works and goddammit does “Rising” make it work.


LISTEN to “Rising” on Bandcamp here.

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