My Sleeping Karma – Moksha

PromoImage (40) I’ve never been really big into instrumental albums with only listening to a few and liking fewer, but this album . . . This album is something else unlike all the others I’ve heard before. The lengthy songs of My Sleeping Karma’s upcoming album “Moksha” are something that I did not expect when looking at this album cover to say in the least. In each and every song there were a bunch of awesome riffs and psychedelic sounds that added this great atmospheric effects to the album that I’ve never heard before, and that gave “Moksha” an amazing feel to it for me. These are divided into two kinds: interludes and those that aren’t interludes. The interludes are much shorter, calmer, and simpler in their make up where as the non-interludes are much longer and have so much more to them than just being more complex. They are chock full of the great combination of the drums and guitars in such a way that I, as a rock fan, can jam to at any time with how free flowing and atmospheric it is compared to a lot of the other shit I listen to every day. “Moksha” is an extremely well done album and should be heard by any devoted rock fans out there today, especially if you can love the long tracks as I did.


LISTEN to a sample of the opening track, “Prithvi”, via SoundCloud here.

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