Interview w/Biotoxic Warfare’s George “Dimator” Dimitrakakis

I recently had the great opportunity to send some questions over to my favorite death/thrash band from Greece – Biotoxic Warfare, and their lead guitarist, George “Dimator” Dimitrakakis, was kind enough to answer my questions. Love this band and their latest album “Lobotomized”, so I’ll stop wasting your time and let you get to the questions and answers.

(left to right) Παναγιώτης Πολιουδάκης, Στέλιος Σφενδυλάκης, Mike Kavalos, George Dimitrakakis and Orestis Drapaniotis


Let me just say thank you for taking your time to read and answer these questions. I’m a big fan of “Lobotomized” so this is a great privilege you’ve given me. Let’s not beat around the fucking bush anymore and get to some fucking questions already.

  1. The underground scene in Greece has grown exponentially since I first saw it, and that’s great so bands like Biotoxic Warfare could get a foothold. How does it feel to be at the forefront of that scene, especially for death/thrash bands?

Hallo and thanks for the interview. What is happening here in Greece since the last decade is beyond imagination! It can be described as a massive outbreak of young, very promising thrash/death metal bands full of hopes and with high quality material. We are very pleased that we have managed to be a part of this movement, not only in terms of self-satisfaction but also, because, through our music we try to shout out loud at the international scene, that Greek thrash metal is here, stronger than ever and to attract more and more listeners into it.

  1. Your most recent triumph of an album, “Lobotomized”, featured some remastered versions of tracks from your debut EP “Baptized in Blood and Greed”, including the title track itself. Did you guys feel it was necessary to provide a new version for first time listeners like myself, or did you guys feel like the overall sound could’ve been better and you decided to remaster them? Or did you just do it for shits and giggles?

Yes, we’ve decided to include new, rearranged and re-recorded versions of “Lust For Hate” and “Baptized In Blood And Greed” on our debut album. That happened mostly for 2 reasons. First of all, both the tracks were our first “introduction” with the audience and of course, our first songwriting attempts. They brought us many fans aboard, and people loved them so deep, that they are screaming the lyrics in every gig, moshing like maniacs and going nuts. So we thought that it would be great to include them in Lobotomized in order to get the exposure that they deserve. The second reason is that these songs are personal favorites, so after a short re-arrangement in order to fit with the rest of the album’s songwriting level, we decided that it will be a great idea of some updated versions.

  1. The cover art for “Lobotomized” is so fucking good that when I first saw it I said “holy fucking shit” to myself, and I know others have too. What inspired you guys to settle with that cover? I imagine it’s because it looks fucking awesome and it works all too well, but I’m pretty sure there’s more to it than that.

Τhe main idea of the album’s artwork came to me during the songwriting process for Lobotomized. The inspiration came from the propaganda and politics of fear that terrorize our society due to organized religion which grows as a plague every day. In my mind, I analogized the lies and the terror theories that they burst into our heads from the day we are born in order to control us and keep us restrained, with a lobotomy procedure.  I thought that, besides it would be a great and catchy artwork, it is also allegorical and with the messages it tries to pass by, gives to the listener plenty food for thought.  Next, it was up to Roberto Toderico in order to give shape to our visions, and I can say that the result was above any expectation. Also, I might add that the artwork’s concept inspired us to write the album’s title song lyrics.

  1. When I first saw the music video for “Proclaim the Gospel of Lies” I thought it was really well done, especially since it’s a damn good track. If you could choose another track to do a music video for, what would it be? I’d personally choose “Lobotomized” as that’s my favorite track from you guys, but that’s just me.

Yes, definitely “Lobotomized”. It is a pure, aggressive track with fast tempo, which, however doesn’t hesitate to slow down in parts, pretty catchy acoustic prelude, attractive chorus, technical riffs and solos and insane vocal lines. It is a very representative track of the band’s character and musical identity and  surely, we could have picked it for an official clip, if it wasn’t for ‘’Proclaim..”.

  1. I know you’ve been on tour with other Greek thrash bands like Amken and Skull Koraptor who I’ve done reviews for also and liked quite a lot. What’s it been like cruising around as part of what probably is the Big Four of Greece for thrash?

Actually, it wasn’t a tour. We shared the stage for just one show in Athens, while we played along with Bio Cancer on their latest album release live show. It was an unforgettable experience and a killer gig, as all the bands did their best and the crowd went insane. No doubt that they are some of the upcoming big hopes for Greece.

  1. I’ve seen several reviews and articles for “Lobotomized”, all of which have been positive. How does it feel to be what is probably the biggest underground death/thrash band to come out of Greece in recent years?

Thanks for the kind words, once again. We are getting huge feedback from the press and the audience regarding our debut album and that is something that makes us very happy. We worked hard for this album and it is very pleasing to see all this effort taking credits. It, surely, feels awesome, to consider us as one of the most promising upcoming bands and our only aim now on, is to overcome ourselves in order to encourage this statement in the future.

  1. One last question. I remember being ecstatic when I saw that you guys signed with Static Tension Recordings for an American release of “Lobotomized”. Would you mind sharing any details on when the release will be? I know a lot of people would love to have that album on Spotify, will that maybe happen as well? Two questions, sorry.

Yes, recently we announced our co-operation with Static Tension Recordings considering the release of “Lobotomized” in North America. We don’t have any release date yet (It will be probably somewhere in the June ), but it will be released both in physical and digital form, so we will keep everybody happy.

Thank you very much for taking your time to answer these questions! I hope all goes amazing for Biotoxic Warfare and your future shows in promotion for “Lobotomized”! Thrash on!


“Lobotomized” was released earlier this year in January, and is so far one of my favorite albums of the year simply because of how intense and brutal this album is at points. I highly recommend this album for any death/thrash bands looking for a fresh new sound from a new band that has great potential. You can stream “Lobotomized” in full at Bandcamp to which I’ll provide a link to right below.

LISTEN to “Lobotomized” on Bandcamp here.

WATCH the music video for “Proclaim the Gospel of Lies” from this album via YouTube below.

LIKE Biotoxic Warfare on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Biotoxic Warfare on Twitter : @BiotoxicWarfare



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