Carnalation – Ghosts

Carnalation-Ghosts-cover640 Sometimes the best things are done plain and simple. That’s what Carnalation’s upcoming death metal “Ghosts” is – simple. Now I don’t mean it has the same guitar rhythm, lyrics, or beat the entire album; they aren’t fucking beginner level musicians. All 5 tracks off of “Ghosts” are straight up brutal and they tear up the ear drums by just being the death metal that many people around the world love every day. Carnalation doesn’t bring any super ultra amazing to the table so I’m not saying it’s genre defining or redefining, I’m just saying it’s death metal done right in several ways. The vocals are very intense (not Cannibal Corpse intense) for the entire album, the guitars have an awesome brutality to them and are able to effectively slow down and bring a calm before going right back into the action, and then the drums have a killer beat and rhythm for all five tracks. “Ghosts” is certainly something for death metal fans to check out because it’s got all you need in five tracks, but if you’re looking for something totally different then this isn’t the album despite it being amazing nonetheless.


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