Vorgrum – Last Domain

a2948173581_10 I’ve always been somewhat of a sucker for folk metal, and whenever someone says that they’ve got some folk metal for me to listen to I’m the kind of guy that would slide over magically without moving my legs or anything up to you and say, “Proceed, my good man.” Although, I know the difference between quality folk metal compared to others who are barely trying to even have folk elements and yet call themselves a folk metal band, but I won’t go into any specifics. Thankfully, Vorgrum’s latest black metal infused folk album “Last Domain” reminded of another popular folk band – Northland (rhyme not intended). Both have that same feel to the music with the vocals being the part where the black metal part comes in and the folk aspects show their faces every now and then which always sound good. There’s plenty of good stories that are told in the tracks of this album which are very entertaining, if you understand what the lyrics are of course. The whole album is really solid for what it is with good vocals to back up the guitars and drums really, really well. “Last Domain” is definitely an album to check out if you’re looking for something a little interesting from a folk metal band.


LISTEN to “Last Domain” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vorgrum on Facebook here.


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