Feanor Omega – Anima

a3581004102_10 Apparently Feanor Omega is the name of one of the musicians who makes up the band of the same name. I just thought that it was a reference to a character from the “Lord of the Rings” universe whose name is Feanor and that’s what caught my eye. Guess I was wrong, but I digress. “Anima” is an atmospheric black metal album that focuses more on the black metal aspect of the genre rather than the atmospheric part even though it’s still very detectable throughout the album. Some parts are more fast paced with vocals that are very distant in the feel of them with an aggressive overall tone to them, and other times the pace is slowed down greatly and it feels like you’re fucking floating with these soft vocals chanting in your ear. In a very nice rhythm, I might add. Sometimes though the quality dropped for me personally and it felt boring at times for a small amount of time, but then sure enough it picked right back up and I was satisfied with this awesome sound that Feanor Omega had made. Since I’m not an expert on atmospheric black metal I can’t say that this album is a masterpiece for what it is, but as a metal head who listens to all sorts of shit I can say that this is not bad in any way and if you’re patient enough for the long tracks that are featured in “Anima” then this album may just be for you. Also, I like that mountain on the cover. Nice mountain.


LISTEN to a preview of “Anima” via YouTube below.

LISTEN to “Anima” via Bandcamp here.

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