Valkyrie – Shadows

a0222019929_16 Whoever said that classic metal could never be duplicated? If that answer is no one then that’s the right fucking answer with this album because Valkyrie’s upcoming album, “Shadows”, is something that those who are looking for a sound that is reminiscent of the first true metal bands such as Black Sabbath. The vocals in this are what make that statement more apparent than anything, but the groove of the guitars are nothing to be fucked with with how well they pound along and create a seldom heard of sound nowadays with these songs stretching over 5 minutes. The riffs over the course of these lengthy tracks are amazing to say in the least with the vocals echoing in your ears and the infectious beat of the drums too good to resist. “Shadows” is something that I definitely was not expected in any way, shape, or form. This album has got the whole nine yards under its belt and when it comes out May 17th then everyone who knows classic metal will be taken aback at how well Valkyrie takes that and cranks it up to 9001 (it’ll be over 9000).


LISTEN to 3 tracks via “Shadows” via Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Valkyrie on Twitter : @ValkyrieUK


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