Mindshift – Horizon

cover web Melodic death metal has two variations for me: really, really good (Amon Amarth, Despite) or needs more work (none come to mind right off the top of my head), and thankfully enough Mindshift’s debut full length “Horizon” is really, really good to say in the least. Now I could argue that this is also deathcore with there being singing and screaming all throughout the album, but I’ll just keep it simple and leave it at melodic death metal. This whole album gets both my thumbs up though with the heaviness being constant within the intense riffs that Mindshift pulls off perfectly. Then the melody, which is important in melodic death metal (who would’ve thought?), is done absolutely great to the point where I was head-banging and tapping my feet to the beat with all 15 mammoth tracks. Some of the songs weren’t heavy with 2 taking the time to slow death and bring a calm to the mix before getting straight back to the action without a moment to spar. “Horizon” is without a doubt one of the most excellent melodic death metal bands to come out of the shadows of such titans like Amon Amarth to the scene where we can see their talent and hard work come to fruition, and that feel of discovering an amazing new band that’s relatively unheard of is something that cannot be duplicated, and it’s what I felt when I listened to Mindshift.


LISTEN to the title track off of Spotify here.

LIKE Mindshift on Facebook here.


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