Let Them Fall – Of Kings & Heroes

11050321_831762320205866_6291792030697210368_n If you were to say to me that metalcore mixed with a medieval theme to it a few weeks ago, I would’ve laughed in your goddamn face and said that that’d never work in a thousand years. Well, son of a goddamn bitch, it must’ve been a thousand years already because medieval themed metalcore is exactly what Let Them Fall’s brand new album “Of Kings and Heroes” is. It is a very nice mix of atmospheric sounds combined with metalcore that I will say wasn’t absolutely fantastic, it was dynamic in its own way and it brought a whole new element to metalcore that I had never seen before and it worked surprisingly well. I’m not going on to say that this is the next big thing in metalcore because it’s not so don’t think I’m going down that road. However, Let Them Fall have definitely broken new ground with an album that gets my thumb up overall when taking everything into consideration. “Of Kings and Heroes” is basically made for you metalcore buffs out there looking for a little spice that’s different from your Killswitch Engage and your Trivium.


LISTEN to “Of Kings and Heroes” via Spotify here.

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