On Scalar Waves – Sequence

a4165535878_10 Deathcore has always been a weird genre for me because when it comes to “core” music I prefer to just stick with my selection of metalcore and leave it at that, but deathcore is weird for me because I feel like a lot of times the bands can just leave it as death metal and call it a day. But On Scalar Waves’ new album “Sequence” is what I will from now on refer to as my template for what deathcore truly sounds like without straying too far towards metalcore (so much “core” today!) or death metal as I said. The intensity is something that I applaud with the vocals that, while not being exactly amazing to my ears, had a solid melody alongside those of the guitars and drums. Then the pure sound of this 5-track album wasn’t exactly something that made me shit my pants, but it was something that I might catch myself jamming to one day when I want brutality but not death metal if you get what I’m saying. Either way, “Sequence” isn’t absolutely fantastic but it is definitely worth a listen to and that should be a more than a good enough reason for deathcore fans out there looking for a new band to hear something that they’re familiar with.


LISTEN to “Sequence” on Bandcamp here.

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