POSTE942 – Extended Play

a2595293437_10 This brilliant 5-track album of southern metal from POSTE942 is something that is very edgy for hard rock and has a lick of metal in there to shake things up a bit, and it works fabulously. “Extended Play” busts in with a grunge sound to the guitars that are greatly backed up with the melody of  the vocalist whose voice is absolutely perfect for this southern style of hard rock where each riff is gritty as fucking sandpaper. The cover art alone shows the grit that is jam packed into these songs to the absolute brim which gives the album the feel it needs and gets in copious amounts. Fans of hard rock should definitely get a kick out of this because “Extended Play” is a must for them, and I can guarantee that if you’re a metal head and open to many types of music then this might grab your attention with the impressive riffs and melodies that are found all over this more than exceptional album.


LISTEN to “Extended Play” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW POSTE942 on Twitter : @CaptainMaoos


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