Hybrid Nightmares – The Second Age

a1247678619_10 As the second entry into an epic saga of the downfall of man, Hybrid Nightmares’ “The Second Age” does not lose any of the magnificence that was all over their previous album “The First Age”. In fact, the overall quality of the sound, structure, and melody of “The Second Age” has improved by a great deal with the addition of calmer, instrumental tracks in this album instead of the constant black metal vocals, guitars, and drums that while done amazingly well can get a little unimaginative at times. The best example of this that is shown in this album is the middle track, “Only the Dead Know”, being the follow-up to an amazing black metal piece with the transition between the two songs being a gust of wind through an unseen wasteland. Then comes in a wonderful sounding acoustic guitar backed up with the deep beat of the drums, and then the soothing sound of  a voice singing a song in an amazing tone that is so different from all the other vocals in “The Second Age”. This 5-track album is a magnificent piece to say in the least and no matter who you are or what you say, this Australian black metal quintet is one of the best bands in their country’s underground scene and is without a doubt not finished yet as they’ve yet to release to other two albums, “The Third Age” and “The Fourth Age” (if I had to guess), that will go along with this epic saga so only time will tell how amazing the continuing and then final album will be.


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