Hybrid Nightmares – The First Age

a2767990931_2 This album is definitely something else for black metal in terms of meaning and story telling since Carach Angren’s arrival on the scene. Hybrid Nightmare’s second EP, “The First Age” is the first of a four-album saga that tells the tale of man’s rise and eventual downfall at their own hands. This makes for an epic tale that has an amazing beginning and at this rate will have a pgenomenal finale whenever the fourth and final entry comes out. The harsh vocals off of “The First Age” are impressively done and have a real black metal feel to them that fans of the genre should find extremely enjoyable as I did. Then the perfect harmony between the guitars and drums make for amazingly beautiful sounds that vary from intense heaviness to a transcending sound that is hypnotic to say in the least. While the songs aren’t particularly long, they have have an incredible feel to them that had me pressing replay over and over again. “The First Age” is an amazingly done album that is sure to be the prelude to other great albums to come in the future from Hybrid Nightmares.

LISTEN to “The First Age” on Bandcamp here.

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