Enemies – Bind Me A Wreath

a0545438249_10 Music that goes under the genre label of “hardcore” to me is basically just punk with more metal elements (e.g. longer tracks) and a slightly more polished sound to it while still retaining that raw feel to it, of course. But Enemies’ new album “Bind Me A Wreath” has a (in my opinion) higher quality than other hardcore albums I’ve heard with more technicality and passion behind this album which can be felt if you really take in the music. Each track is intense and it just has your constant in-your-face sound to it that never ceases for the entire album. “Bind Me A Wreath” is by far the best hardcore album I’ve heard and even though I’m not in love with it, it definitely deserves all the praise it gets because this is something else for the genre entirely and should be enjoyed by fans of it everywhere.


LISTEN to “Bind Me A Wreath” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Enemies on Facebook here.


One thought on “Enemies – Bind Me A Wreath

  1. That’s some pretty rough hardcore there, but I agree with you that the tracks are pretty “in-your-face” while remaining on a technically nice level. Thanks for sharing – I might even buy that one!

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