Seventh Oar – Ordalicum

a3298128418_10 Metalcore has always been bittersweet for me with some bands being phenomenal, and others . . . not so much. Seventh Oar’s new album “Ordalicum” is thankfully the first of those two with this album being one of the best metalcore albums I’ve heard since Killswitch Engage’s last album. The intensity of this album is certainly something that you don’t see a lot in metalcore without deviating into deathcore, and yet Seventh Oar have done just that seemingly without breaking a sweat. All 5 tracks off of this album are heavy and they have that special touch that only metalcore fans can know: that feeling of the near-perfect to perfect sound of heaviness molded into one album that fans of the genre should be falling over for. “Ordalicum” is a must for any fans of heaviness, metalcore, and especially both because this album is truly impressive for what it is in just about every way.


LISTEN to “Ordalicum” on Bandcamp here.

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