Allfather – No Gods No Masters

a2123789844_10 If you’ve been looking for an EP that has elements of anarchy with a sludge/doom metal performance and being all around badass then look no further than Allfather’s brand new EP “No Gods No Masters”! This album is certainly a piece of work for sludge/doom metal fans with the vicious vocals and ripping guitars than fans of both genres should have their mouths watering over in no time at all after they press play for this impressive opening track “The Great Destroyer”. And even though “No Gods No Masters” only have 4 tracks that doesn’t mean that Allfather is limited to how much intensity and badassery they can put into four tracks because they put as much as they can into each and every one of them. “No Gods No Masters” is a definite album for the sludge metal fans of the world to check out because without a doubt this album is made just for them and they should be able to enjoy every singe moment of this super EP.


LISTEN to “No Gods No Masters” on Bandcamp here.

LISTEN to the lead track, “The Great Destroyer”, via YouTube below.

LIKE Allfather on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Allfather on Twitter : @AllfatherUK


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