Chaedrist – Grandevality

a3940764189_10 Coming from Germany we have the exceptionally awesome black metal Chaedrist and their new album “Grandevality”. This album isn’t as intense as some black metal albums I’ve heard before, but the intensity is definitely there alongside melodic elements that give the music form and structure that some people, including me, find enjoyable even though we don’t mind how raw “Grandevality” is. All 8 tracks off the album are solid in every way with the vocals blasting away at your ears, the guitars going at the comfortable speed of head-banging (fast), and hardcore rhythmic drums that sound as good as any quality drums (pretty damn good). I will say, though, that “Grandevality” didn’t bring anything magnificently amazingly new to the table, but it took what’s been done before and improved upon it with their own special black metal touch into the mix, which makes their music sound all the more badass and makes it a purely killer of an album.


LISTEN to “Grandevality” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Chaedrist on Facebook here.


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