Disloyal – Godless

a3196461051_10 There’s always something about raw and fast paced death metal that I just love. Maybe it’s how raw and fast it is, who knows? Disloyal’s upcoming fourth album “Godless” is something that death metal fans everywhere should be able to come together and agree upon that there are several things to love about this album. If the cover art doesn’t strike you as impressive then the intense, guttural vocals alongside the ripping guitars might pull you in. If you’re big into drums then the unique pulse and beat of these drums may win over your ears and make you head-bang to “Godless”. But overall there’s something for every death metal fan out there to like because this is a really solid album for its genre and is without a doubt a raw death metal sound that you need to experience when the album comes out June 9th.


LISTEN to the single “Mechanism of Deceit” via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Disloyal on Facebook here.


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