Feared – Synder

1013246_952856721391055_3769111818871270414_n I’m not saying that I called it, but I fucking did. Right from the moment that I heard Feared latest single, “My Grief, My Sorrow”, I knew with the utmost certainty that “Synder” was going to be as much of a masterpiece as Feared’s fourth release, “Vinter”, if not more of a masterpiece. And much to my disbelief, the latter is true. I was extremely ecstatic when I first saw that this mammoth album was going to be a beast with all 13 tracks being innovative for Feared and death metal alike, and it’s something that this band has become renowned and exonerated for by me and many other lucky people who have heard their crushing power.

Starting off with an instrumental track much like “Vinter”, the album starts off really heavy and doesn’t take a real break from the intensity except for a few moments in one track where the hardcore guitars, bass, and vocals came to a screeching halt and instead came a calm, slower guitar that sounded like absolute perfection before going back to the way it was before. Later on in the album there is a track that is devoted completely to nothing but the beautiful sound of a piano which is a marvelous sound amongst all the dark, intense death metal that is ever so constant throughout “Synder”. Then the final track is much like the last track, “The Morgue”, from Feared’s debut album, “Rejects”.

Feared has been known for their increasing quality and innovation with each passing album since their debut in 2011, and “Synder” is by far no exception. The overall tone and theme have evolved to be more dark overall as a whole which has led to something truly phenomenal that I never thought possible: a new level of badassery that I thought that not even Feared could reach at this point in their career. The music video for “My Grief, My Sorrow” showcases that excellently. The themes of all the tracks show great diversity through “Synder” with some songs focused on God, while others talk about the inner demons that are within each and every one of us.

“Synder” is a true masterpiece that might sadly go mostly unnoticed from the hardcore death metal fans that would just eat this album up happily over and over and over again when this drops on May 25th. I’m on my fourth spin of the album myself. This album by far one of the best albums of 2015 so far and might just be one of the best albums of the year as a whole, but we still got a while to go, but I’ve got confidence in Feared’s outstanding performance with “Synder”. An album that redefines masterpiece and brings what needs to be brought more often, Feared is without a doubt one of the great bands of the world with a cult following and rightfully so.


BUY “Synder” via iTunes here.

WATCH the video for “My Grief, My Sorrow” via YouTube below.

LISTEN to the previous album, “Vinter”, via YouTube here.

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