Spine Crown – The Evil Next Door

a1307248984_10 Weird how the last 2-track album that I did was Obduktion’s death metal “Mors Janua Vitae”, and now here’s another such album from Spine Crown. Go figure. Anyway, “The Evil Next Door” is a throwback to the more classic death metal with a true brutal sound to both tracks that constantly pound away at the ear drums and never cease the whole time. While each one isn’t exactly fucking fabulous in my opinion, they’ve definitely got heaps of quality to them that should get plenty of death metal fans out there like myself to tap their feet in approval. “The Evil Next Door” is certainly a solid album that has my thumbs up with both songs being awesome in so many ways.


LISTEN to “The Evil Next Door” via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Spine Crown on Facebook here.


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