Winterfire – The Beckoning Silence

a0152189938_10 Melodic metal always takes me back to Disturbed just because they’re my favorite melodic metal band and I listen to them on a daily basis, so they’re always fresh in my brain. But Winterfire’s debut album “The Beckoning Silence” is an album with lengthy tracks (3-7 minutes long) that impresses with each track as you continue into the album that might be the new Disturbed for some people, not for me however even though this is a very solid album. All 11 tracks have a cool, flowing sound to them that is very smooth and dynamic at once which is something that too many bands out there lack which is very sad because it’s such a good thing to have. Everything down to the power metal-like vocals are done excellently that might even get power metal fans’ mouths to water. Who knows? Maybe it’ll make other peoples’ water because “The Beckoning Silence” is definitely for someone who likes their melody in excess, and Winterfire has that and more.


LISTEN to “The Beckoning Silence” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Winterfire on Facebook here.


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