Vermörd – Dawn of the Black Harvest

16791_368862156612815_8614541504423160257_n This album is everything that blackened death metal is about down to cover art when it comes to Vermörd’s new album, “Dawn of the Black Harvest”. The brutal, fast, and raw feel that persists all throughout the album is never ending . . . and it’s simply awesome. Just the overall sound of “Dawn of the Black Harvest” is an excellent mix of black and death metal than fans of both genre can come together and agree that this album is worth listening to as I have discovered. It has an incredibly dark feel and pulse of its own for all 6 tracks, and it just gets better the further into the album you go, and that’s always the best part isn’t it? When a band can just improve upon improvements in a single album – there’s nothing like it. “Dawn of the Black Harvest” is a solid work in just about every way, and deserves to be heard amongst the fans of both genres of death and black metal.


LISTEN to “Dawn of the Black Harvest” via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vermörd on Facebook here.


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