Morgoth – Ungod

1374882_889963171024604_5202636435943985834_n The sheer quality of death metal that comes from Morgoth’s newest album “Ungod” is on unprecedented levels of awesomeness in recent years. This album is raw on an amazing scale to the point where I can confidently saw that it stands toe to toe with Cannibal Corpse’s latest helping, “A Skeletal Domain”, in terms of brutality and how intense the death metal is for the entirety of the record which is ever unwavering. And as I’m sure you’ve been able to tell, the cover art only reinforces that brutality that is showcased in “Ungod” in every second of every track. The deep, guttural vocals mix amazingly well with the intense guitars and the demonic pace of the drums, and this deadly concoction only shows the true capability of Morgoth to its fullest potential and it is without a doubt near or is the absolute pinnacle of Morgoth’s career so far. “Ungod” is an impressive album in every single rite and will be remembered as being possibly the greatest overall Morgoth album and one of the more recent legend albums of death metal.


BUY “Ungod” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Ungod” via Spotify here.

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