Grethor – Cloaked in Decay

a3562892335_10 I’ve never really thought of what avant-garde black metal alongside death metal would sound like if it were ever made, but Grethor’s “Cloaked in Decay” is a nice answer to that thought. This new album from this Virginian group is definitely something else entirety, and I know I say that a lot but this is bullshit (the good kind). This whole album is raw from the very first moment and never ceases the brutality that can be found all throughout the whole of “Cloaked in Decay”. Even the goddamn cover art says, “Hey. We ain’t here to fuck around. Prep your butts.” That’s what it says, I swear. This whole album is awesome in just about every possible way especially for someone who is very judgmental about their black and death metal as I am, but “Cloaked in Decay” has my 100% approval because this is fan-fucking-tastic.


LISTEN to 2 songs from “Cloaked in Decay” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Grethor on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Grethor on Twitter : @grethor_va


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