Plain (self-titled)

e6029c388abe8c69daa404d28d473171 Despite the band/album name making you have an idea of what the music will be like straight from the get-go, Plain’s self-titled debut album has a solid sound to it that many hard rock and metal fans can enjoy as I have. While I don’t think Plain brings anything totally new and mind blowing to the table, they do modify that feel we all know when we hear a good hard rock song/album but it’s different so that it’s not just that copy and paste music that is dreadfully overused today. This album has plenty of riffs to through at you which all have a great sound along with the drums. The vocals are really in the face of the listener and whenever they show up they’re unrelentingly loud. It just has a lot that many hardcore hard rock fans can jam to, and something that metal heads can listen to as well if they so please since we’re known to be a picky bunch. Plain has made an entrance that is certainly worth taking a listen to because it is certainly not plain and it is definitely something slightly different to spice up your playlist.


LISTEN to the track “Ladder” via SoundCloud here.

LIKE Plain on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Plain on Twitter : @plainno


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