No Man’s Throne – Revealed in Ruin

a0515577064_10 Usually when you see an album cover like that the first thought you have isn’t normally “that looks like a good thrash metal album!”, but more of a “what the hell is this?” But as you might have guessed by now, that first one is true because this debut album from No Man’s Throne is nothing to scoff at when it comes down to good thrash metal. “Revealed In Ruin” is a very well done album by a band that clearly knows what kind of sound they want and how to do it expertly. This entire album is fast, loud, and full of speedy destruction; the essence of awesome thrash metal from everywhere. Just about everything down to the varying length of the songs shows the versatility that No Man’s Throne has shown in this album, and it’s fantastic. “Revealed in Ruin” is a great thrash metal album that is an absolute essential for any fan of the genre to listen to.


LISTEN to “Revealed In Ruin” on Bandcamp here.

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