Hanal Pixan – In Lu’umil Belice

a3382980274_2 Normally whenever I hear a black/doom metal album I don’t expect much because a lot of times it’s not properly done and it’s just on big mess of an album. But Hanal Pixan’s new “In Lu’umil Belice” that is quite the opposite. While this album is far from a masterpiece (in my eyes, that is), it is definitely something that Hanal Pixan should be proud of because they managed to create an album that greatly suits their genres in ways that it’s shown off wondrously in the form and make up of the album. Each song is its own unique experience that while I have to say I didn’t love, they were certainly something different to say in the least. “In Lu’umil Belice” isn’t something that’d make you shit your pants in amazement, but it definitely is something worthy of checking out if you’re looking for some spice in your music.


LISTEN to “In Lu’umil Belice” via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Hanal Pixan on Facebook here.


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