Unmothered – U M B R A

PromoImage (37) I’ve never thought that a 3-song album from a doom/sludge band could implement black metal into an album so well as Unmothered has done with their upcoming album “U M B R A”. All the songs off of this album sound amazing with their versatility between the three genres while also being very heavy to the point where you can head bang for this entire album and replay the whole thing over just to do it again. I’ve seen reviews for “U M B R A” that call it a mixture of Unsane, Today is the Day, and YOB; very good. This description holds its own in all honesty because Unmothered has created a piece of work that can be admired by fans of these respected genres everywhere, and rightfully so because this album is nothing to scoff at and is a showcase of the awesome musicianship that Unmothered has.


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