Whorion – The Reign of the 7th Sector

PromoImage I’m not usually the biggest fan of symphonic metal with only a few bands of the genre out there that I know of that are actually good, but Whorion has gone with combining symphonic metal with technical and death metal to create something that I can really, really enjoy listening to. “The Reign of the 7th Sector” is an in-your-face album that is heavy and intense in several ways, but because I’m a lazy bastard I’m just going to say the vocals and the guitars because throughout the entire album they’re loud, they’re hardcore, and they will not give you a moments peace even for one moment. There are certain bits of audio in the album that really shows off the symphonic part of it and it gives the death metal a nice little kick that you don’t normally hear, and it’s very refreshing. And we all know what technical death metal sounds like since it’s been around long enough that us death metals already know what it sounds like. Just about the whole of this album is that hardcore heaviness that a lot of us know like the back of our goddamn hands and enjoy looking at every single time, and Whorion’s innovative sounds will bring something new to both the worlds of death and symphonic metal when it drops on April 24th.


WATCH the lyric video for Whorion’s previous song, “The Great Mass Suicide”, from their last EP “Fall of Atlas” below.

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