Obsidian Key – LOUD!

Loud-full-coverart This band is technically both progressive rock and metal, but I’m going to stick with just prog rock because Obsidian Key’s upcoming album “LOUD!” isn’t heavy or hardcore enough for me to consider it metal. There were plenty of calm pieces throughout the album that were very soothing and had a great sound to them even though they’re the opposite of what you’d expect from the title of the album. While some of the songs are lengthy, they do keep the quality consistent all throughout the album and they’re all something that rock fans from everywhere will be able to agree that it’s genuinely good and deserves to be listened to all over. While I don’t think this is the most amazingly fantastically fabulous album of all time, I do think that “LOUD!” is an album that shows that Obsidian Key can make something good that is no doubt solid, but they surely have something better in the works that’s more refined and more well tuned than this album.


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