Grenouer – Unwanted Today

d5acef3547d0e1d4462a87930165b052 You know . . . when a band like Grenouer puts out what is now eight albums and are really good especially in their eighth album, you’d think that that band would be on the grid, doin’ world tours and shit like that. But quite the opposite is true because from what it would appear, Grenouer has quite the cult following of a relatively tiny group of people that have heard them before and are now fans of their progressive metal/rock sound and style as I am myself. “Unwanted Today” is most likely the ultimate album for people out there (and yes they exist) who enjoy the heavy guitars and bass but not so much the intense screaming vocals which makes this a select album for them. The smoother vocals melded very well with the guitars that I can’t say are super heavy but they’re heavy enough that anyone listening instantly knows that it’s metal, and this creates a combination that probably hasn’t been done this well since Disturbed. Everything about this album is done extremely well in a way that it will attract fans of both metal and rock to one excellent band that deserves all the recognition and positive vibes it gets when “Unwanted Today” drops on April 7th.


BUY “Unwanted Today” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to the preview of “Unwanted Today” via YouTube below.

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