Forcefed Horsehead – Hunting Witches

a3315601152_10 In terms of raw brutality, Forcefed Horsehead have stepped down when it comes to their cover art design, but their music has increased compared to their last album, “Deux”. It has to me, anyway, but I digress. “Hunting Witches” while being mainly death metal also has a tinge of punk thrown into the mix and you can see this a lot with the lengths of all the tracks with the longest only being a minute and 13 seconds. Each song is an absolute punch to the face one after another and it never stops for one goddamn second. The brutal feel from the last album hasn’t been lost one bit and “Hunting Witches” is something that all death/punk bands out there should stop and take notes on because this is the only time I’ve heard such an album done and done right. This album back to front shows the evolution that Forcefed Horsehead has shown since releasing only their second album one year ago, and judging upon the change I can say that this band has something truly fantastic up their sleeves. We just have yet to see its magnificence.


BUY “Hunting Witches” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Hunting Witches” in full on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Forcefed Horsehead on Facebook here.

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