Vasomortus – Instrument Torture of Pyramid

a0269255542_2 Brutal death metal is something that not a lot of bands can make sound good and make it something that it can be heard by just normal metal fans like myself. Vasomortus’ debut album “Instrument Torture of Pyramid” is a brutal (obviously) album that really cranks up the death metal as their genre is wont to do, but they refine their’s in a way that while I still couldn’t understand shit of what was being said, I still found the brutality of it to be amazing and wondrous at once. Down to the cover art this album is a deadly concoction that only true fans of the genre can listen to as easily as I would listen to Disturbed, for example. I will say that brutal death metal isn’t exactly my personal favorite genre, but Vasomortus created an album that made me applaud it in everything it stands for which would be blood, guts, and completely destroying your goddamn ears.


LISTEN to “Instrument Torture of Pyramid” via Bandcamp here.

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