Feared – My Grief, My Sorrow (single)

1013246_952856721391055_3769111818871270414_nI still remember the first time I heard Feared’s fourth album, “Vinter”, almost a year ago and feeling the awesomeness that Feared is and the talent that they have, and I thought they couldn’t get any better. Well, now they’re back with their fifth full length album and it shows me that I haven’t been more wrong about anything else in my life. Their new single “My Grief, My Sorrow” that they just released today is as great as their previous releases and demonstrates that Feared have not lost their touch one bit. This song is heavy, it deals with the problems that many of us deal with and can relate to the hardships that come along with them, and it’s fucking intense. It’s not Cannibal Corpse intense, I will say that as a side note. Still intense though! If you’ve heard Feared before then you know what I’m talking about and if you’re getting excited then you’ve every rite to be because the album that this single is from, “Synder”, comes out May 25th and has 13 tracks on it that will no doubt be as badass as death metal gets. Mark your calenders because Feared is coming back to rip you a new asshole again for the 5th time!


WATCH the official music video for “My Grief, My Sorrow” via YouTube below.

BUY “Synder” via iTunes here.

LIKE Feared on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Feared on Twitter : @Fearedse


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